Pure Sine Wave Inverter 3KVA

Pure Sine Wave Inverter 3KVA
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • Informative LED display features
  • Compatible for motor type appliances and to power electronics
  • Solid aluminum alloy shell
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Step down transformer is required.

How solar inverter works?

Inverters ‘convert’ direct current into alternating current. Most of the appliances we use today run on AC power, including television sets, desktop computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and many more. These require getting plugged into an electrical outlet.

The solar inverter’s job is to transform the energy stored in batteries into electricity that modern appliances can use. Instead of the devices getting electricity from your usual power grid, they will be using the electricity converted by the solar inverter, like a Fronius solar inverter.

Many consider the inverter to be the brain of a solar power system. The photovoltaic cells gather the energy coming from the sun. This energy gets ‘processed’ and stored in solar batteries as DC power. The DC electricity then moves to the solar inverter where it undergoes a complex procedure that transforms the direct current into an alternating one. From here, the AC power gets distributed to the rest of the house so you can plug your ordinary appliances.

Recent advances in the design of solar inverters now include the ability to monitor the performance of these devices. You can track their ability to produce AC power, so you will have a much clearer idea of the Efficiency of your system.

Knowing these things about how an inverter works, you will weigh your options well when figuring out which to choose, especially when reading reviews, like a Growatt inverter review.

You will surely get your money’s worth and more with the Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter. This multi-function inverter and the charger have the functions of an inverter, a solar charger, and a battery charger for that continuous power for you and the entire household. You won’t have any excuses anymore because this hybrid grid tie inverter can supply you with more than adequate power for your devices.

This pure sine wave inverter is also fully configurable when it comes to the input voltage range for your appliances. You can easily set this up via its enlightening LCD setting display. Its LCD will also let you know the current status of the inverter’s system and can provide you the needed heads-up should something is about to go wrong. You would know in a single glance the load capacity if it is already over the limit. You can also check the working status of your inverter from time to time to ensure that it is performing as it should.

One of the many features that you will surely love is this inverter can power up all kinds of appliances in your home or office, including those motor-type appliances like tube lights, air conditioners, and refrigerators. It is also wearing resistance because of its solid high-density aluminum alloy shell. Its sandblasted surface is designed to be corrosion resistant, too, so you know that you can enjoy this inverter for a long time. Inside components are equally made of high-quality circuit boards for improved heat dissipation.

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