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PowMr can provide the standardized energy storage inverters, batteries, and customized solutions to meet customers’ demands for performance and efficiency.

Residential Inverter


SolxPow's residential solar solution, ranging from 3 to 12 kW output, features a 10ms UPS, solar priority, and peak shaving for TOU. It helps homeowners achieve maximum savings and energy autonomy, offering efficient, customizable solar energy management for sustainable and cost-effective energy distribution.

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Energy Storage Inverter

SOLXPOW X1 Series 5K/6K/8K
SOLXPOW X2 Series 10K/12K

Commercial Inverter


When investing in solar for your business, prioritizing ROI and choosing a flexible energy management system are crucial. SolxPow's leading 10-50kW output, with its innovative 110% unbalanced output and limitation for grid consumption/exportation, guarantees long-term optimal returns.

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Energy Storage Inverter

SOLXPOW X3 Series 12K/20K
SOLXPOW X4 Series 30K/50K

High Voltage

Storage Battery System

With high energy density, high efficiency, modular stacking design and IP65 level, HV series battery is space-saving for indoor and outdoor installation. Up to 100 kWh system can fit your high energy demand.

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Product Core Data


Model: POW-HVB
Voltage Range: 172.8V~560V
Capacity: 50AH
Max. Charge Currant: 25A
Max. Discharge Currant: 50A
Number of Modules: 2~5
Rated Energy: 10KWH~25KWH



Model: POW-HVE
Voltage Range: 153.6V~512V
Capacity: 100Ah
Number of Modules: 3~10
Rated Energy: 15KWH~50KWH
Parallel Connection: 2(Up to 100KWH)


Solar Warehouse

This project emphasizes maximizing energy efficiency in the company's warehouse using the SOLXPOW X3 (30kw). With higher electricity consumption during the day and lower usage at night. The goal is to reduce reliance on the grid and enhance overall energy management.

Solar Dam

This project utilizes the 50K model to power a small-scale dam through solar energy to ensure uninterrupted operation of the dam while reducing reliance on traditional grid power sources, promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices in water management.

Solar Farm

This setup primarily powers the farm's barns and internal facilities using 4pcs 50kW SOLXPOW X4 and high-voltage batteries. Additionally, surplus electricity generated is sold to subsidize farm expenses, showcasing a sustainable approach to farming while leveraging renewable energy sources.

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